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Juniors may submit an application for Honor Society by Monday, March 30th. Applicants must have a 5 semester cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Student may enter data and then print for submission (Preferred Method). Student may print a blank form and complete by hand.

Acceptance into the society indicates that a student has demonstrated BOTH academic achievement and positive Christian character qualities.

The student must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA based on 5 semesters

The student must exhibit exemplary leadership, character, and service qualities

What do NHS members do? Members participate in planned service projects (in the past: Lutheran World Relief boxcar loading and assisting at Regional Special Olympics). NHS members wear honor cords at graduation.
How does a student apply?
  1. 1) Candidates should examine the leadership, character, and service ideals listed. Candidates who have demonstrated those qualities should complete the APPLICATION FORM.
  2. 2) APPLICATION FORM: Download and complete the application
  3. 3) Student and parent signs and returns the form
    • Selection Process The selection process involves a thorough evaluation of each student. To be admitted, students must exceed the ideals of leadership, character, and service listed.
    • Each faculty member completes an evaluation form on each nominee.
    • The 5-member faculty council, and the NHS Adviser, evaluates each student using the faculty evaluations and the Student Information Forms.
    • A majority vote by the 5-member faculty council is needed for a student to be admitted.
    • It is possible that a student may not be admitted due to average or low evaluations of character, leadership, or service. The selection committee looks for students who meet or exceed the high standards listed.
    • Average scores, even from honor roll students, may not result in acceptance.
    • Students who are denied admission are informed on their low scoring areas. They may then work to improve in those areas and may reapply senior year.