Thank you for inquiring about our craft show.  Please download our application and submit according to the instructions.  We do fill up quickly for our shows and we strongly encourage you to complete your application and submit as soon as possible.


If you have any questions regarding our show, the application, the jury process, logistics about our show or anything else, we ask that you contact our jury committee via email at


If you would prefer a telephone call, you may contact our school office at 734-422-2090 to leave a message.


Thank you for your interest and please visit Facebook and like our page at:



100+ crafters
3,000+ attendees for our winter show
1,500+ attendees for our spring show
Crafters are selected by a jury process.
Only the highest quality hand-crafted items are sold.
No commercial or manufactured items will be allowed.
The number of exhibitors participating in each category will be limited so that we can provide maximum appeal to the visitors.