Are you ready to enroll at Lutheran Westland? Follow these steps:
Register Complete and sign the gray registration card. The gray registration card is available from the Lutheran High School Westland office or it can be mailed to you. Please email admissions coordinator Christi Gaertner or call her at 734-422-2090 to obtain a copy of the registration card. Part I and Part II should be submitted to the school office or mailed to the LHSA business office with the registration fee. Checks should be made payable to the "Lutheran High School Association."
The registration fee schedule is as follows:
$100 by January 31st
$150 by February 28th
$200 by April 20th
$250 by June 30th (applicable tuition will also be required)
$300 by August 15th (applicable tuition will also be required)
$350 after August 15th (applicable tuition will also be required)
Those who are members of churches that are part of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod should complete Part III, the Pastor's Signature Card, and give it to your church office within 1 week of submitting Part I and Part II of your registration card. If you do not not turn in this card to your church, you will be billed the full tuition amount.
SMART Tuition enrollment The Lutheran High School Association partners with Smart Tuition for the processing and collection of tuition. There are a variety of payment plans, and you will be able to select a plan that has a due date that works with your budget. Enroll for the 2018-2019 school year at enrollwithsmart.com. Tuition information is found here.
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Placement Test for current eighth graders The High School Placement Test is one of the pieces of information that is used as students choose their freshman classes. We like all of our ninth graders to have taken the test, and there is no cost to take the test. There are no more tests scheduled at LHWL. Some Lutheran elementary schools offer the test or arrangements can be made to take the test another time by calling the school office at (734) 422-2090 or emailing guidance counselor Mrs. Unger at aunger@lhsa.com. Registered students will have their placement test results mailed to them.
Transfer Students Students transferring into tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade should complete the transfer student application.
Course Scheduling Night Accepted students will be invited to a course scheduling night in late March or early April. At that 30 minute meeting, the parents and student will review testing results and choose a class schedule.
Health Form All incoming freshman and students who will be participating in athletics, cheerleading, and P.E. classes must have a physical done before school begins. This physical cannot be dated before April 15 of the previous school year. If you are a sports participant, your form must be turned in on the first day of practice. All other students should bring these forms to drop-in registration for returning students or freshman/transfer registration and orientation, both of which are held in late August. You may call the school office at (734) 422-2090 to obtain a form or find it here.
Immunizations A reminder that all new student entrants to school must have completed the series of three Hepatitis B immunizations or have a current waiver on file with the Wayne County Health Department. The first two immunizations can be done a month apart. You must wait 6 months between the second and third immunization. This makes it imperative that you get this series done immediately if you have not begun this immunization series. Make sure this is completed at the time of freshman/transfer registration and orientation which is held in late August.