Under the guidance of God, the Lutheran High School movement in the metropolitan Detroit area has grown from small beginnings to a large and expanding force in Christian education. Since its initial organization in 1944, what is now the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit (consisting of some seventy Lutheran congregations) has grown into a system of three high schools:
  • Lutheran North–Macomb
  • Lutheran Northwest–Rochester Hills
  • Lutheran Westland–Westland
with a combined average student enrollment of 1000 students.
The first home of Detroit Lutheran High School was at 1000 West Grand Boulevard, and the Rev. E. W. Anderson was the first principal. In 1951 the school moved to 5040 Joy Road in order to accommodate more students. Construction of Lutheran High School East and Lutheran High School West began in 1956, and these schools opened in 1957. Lutheran North opened in 1972, and Lutheran Northwest in 1978. Lutheran West closed in 1995. Lutheran East closed in 2004. Lutheran South opened in 2000 and closed in 2016. 
Lutheran High School Westland opened for its first school year on August 27th, 1986. It is located in southeastern Michigan between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Lutheran Westland offers grades 9-12 and has a 2017-2018 enrollment of 185 students. Mr. Ross E. Stueber served as principal from 1986 to 1992. Mr. Steven Schwecke is the current principal.
Lutheran High School Westland of the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit is dedicated to Christ-centered education for students in grades 9-12. Its instruction and training are pointed toward providing a strong educational background while helping students grow in the grace and knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the central concern and norm for the school's life and work. We believe that God's Word as revealed in the Bible, and correctly summarized by the Lutheran Confessions, is the one means by which a person comes to know God in both His judgment and grace. The understanding of God's Word leads the student to see his or her mission as one of Christian service within the school and the community as well as the world. We strive to nourish a sure hope of eternal life in heaven with Christ.
Because we are convinced that the formal education experience should cultivate and develop the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—we strive to give a strong educational foundation to prepare our students for future educational experiences and work. We realize that individual endowments differ, and we take this into consideration for our students. We want to motivate them to develop fully the talents God has given them.
We recognize that the foundation for Christian education and the Christian life is the Christian home. Lutheran High School Westland builds upon that foundation. We work together with parents to fulfill the responsibilities of teaching, guiding, and modeling which have previously begun in the home life and the congregational life of the child.