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Required: 2 credits of Fine or Practical Arts or Foreign Language
                          Art courses count as Fine Art
Fundamentals/Sculpture   10,11,12
Prerequisites: None
Introduction to basic elements of design through drawing, painting, sculpture, print making, and art history. Sculpture students will learn the basics of 3-D designthrough a variety of media with an emphasis on clay. Projects may include hand-built pottery, sculpture (human and animal forms), tile making, and the study of sculpture in our own and other cultures.
Drawing/Painting  10,11,12
Prerequisites: None
Drawing teaches the basic elements of drawing using pencils, ink, markers, and colored pencil to make still life drawings, portaits, and cartoons. In Painting, the student will gain a working knowledge of color mixing and color schemes using tempera, watercolor, and acrylics to make still life paintings and nature landscapes.
Art Seminar  12
Prerequisites: Senior students who has 2 art credits and teacher approval.
Advanced students will work independently in a media they select under the guidance of the art teacher.