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English 9 (Grammar and Literature)
English 10 (Composition)
English 11 (American Literature)
English 12 (English Lit. & Adv. Composition)
AP English 12
ENGLISH 9 (Grammar and Literature)  Required 9
This course emphasizes grammar, literature, writing, and research. Grammar studies include parts of speech and sentence structure. Various genre of literature will be studied, including: short story, poetry, nonfiction, biography, drama and the novel. A research paper will be completed during second semester. Two book reports will be completed during the year.
ENGLISH 10 (Composition) Required 10
This is a composition course that attempts to improve students’ writing skills. Grammar and punctuation rules are studied and then applied to a variety of writing forms such as essays and short stories. Four novels will also be read, and a book report will be written on each. Vocabulary building will also be included.
ENGLISH 11 (American Literature) Required 11
This is a survey course of American literature from the Colonial Period through the Modern Age. Oral and written composition, based on these works, will provide for the refinement of speaking and writing skills. Grammar is reviewed as needed and vocabulary is studied daily. Students will be responsible for writing three literary analyses papers throughout the year. These papers will require a critical overview of the author, an analysis of a specific literary element, and/or a well-organized evaluation of a specific literary work (novel, short story, poem or drama).
ENGLISH 12 (English Lit. & Adv. Composition) Required 12
This is a chronological study of literature in England and includes all genres of literature. Grammar use that focuses on improving sentence structure is included throughout the year. Composition will expand on styles and techniques previously taught. A research paper will be required, and two book reports will be completed during the year.
AP ENGLISH 12 (Advanced Placement Literature and Composition)  Elective 12
This class is designed to help students analyze, evaluate, discuss and write about poetry, plays, short stories, novels and essays in terms of the author’s use of rhetorical devices. In particular, the class focuses on classic works of literature and the analytical essay. Students take the AP test as the completion to the course.