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Science Department

Required:  2 Credits
Recommended:  3-4 Credits

BIOLOGY Required 9
This course will use a lecture/discussion and laboratory approach to study life from the microscopic level of a cell to the inter-relationship of different organisms. Topics include the biochemistry of a cell, reproduction and heredity, growth and development, anatomy, life processes, and ecology. These studies will encompass the five major kingdoms: Monerans, Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals.
CHEMISTRY 10,11,12
Prerequisite: Biology and Algebra I ‘C’ or better
Students will investigate substances, their properties, and the nature of the processes by which they interact. Topics will include: atomic theory, periodic relationships, gas laws, acids and bases, and chemical reactions.
Prerequisite: Biology, Open to students who have taken Advanced Biology with instructor permission.
This course investigates the beauty of God’s creation and our role in it. Topics include: Biomes of the world, human relations and care of the world. Students will do a yearlong ecosystem project, charting factors, as well as other labs including H2O testing and soil testing. A research project is required.
Prerequisite: Biology, This course will use a lecture/discussion and laboratory approach to study the scientific method with the ability to apply it to real world settings. Students will use this method when learning the following topics: Inquiry, Reflection, and Social Implications in Science, Essential Physics (Motion, Forces and Newton’s Laws, Momentum, Work and Simple Machines, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves, Sound and Light), Essential Earth Science (Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Rocks and Minerals, and Weather), and Essential Chemistry (Matter and Physical Changes, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Ions and Isotopes, Chemical Bonding, and Chemical Reactions).
Prerequisite: Chemistry "B" or better
A lecture/discussion and laboratory approach will used to cover Biochemistry of the cell, cell processes, and human anatomy and physiology. This course is recommended for students who anticipate careers in the Allied Health, Medicine, Biology or for general college prep. Students will be introduced to the format of research and will be required to complete an individual paper. Evolution will be studied from a Christian perspective.
Prerequisite: Adv Algebra "C" or better
A study of God's physical universe including the following major topics: motion, forces, vectors, energy, waves, light, electricity, magnetism and nuclear physics. Students should have a solid background in trigonometry to be successful. Two labs are done each quarter.