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Required:  2 Credits
Recommended:  3-4 Credits
PRE-ALGEBRA Prerequisite: Placement Test 9,10
This course reviews basic arithmetic and algebraic operations. It introduces solving equations and problem solving techniques to prepare students for Algebra I.
ALGEBRA 9,10,11
Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra ("C" or better) or Placement Test
This course involves the study of algebra from its basic postulates to working with quadratic equations. The following topics are covered: linear equations, polynomials, radicals, factoring, functions, and graphing using Cartesian coordinates. An emphasis is placed on development of problem solving skills.
GEOMETRY 9,10,11,12
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 ("C" or better) or Placement test
This course develops problem-solving skills using geometrical postulates and theorems to develop deductive and inductive proofs. Students use theorems to determine the lengths, angles, areas, and volumes of various two- and three-dimensional geometric shapes.
Prerequisite: Geometry ("C" or better)
This course includes quadratic equations, quadratic relations, and trigonometry. The understanding of quadratics is used to unite concepts from Algebra I with concepts from Geometry as students learn to graph quadratic relations. An emphasis is placed on development of problem solving skills.
Prerequisite: Advanced Algebra ("C" or better)
This course of study is for students who are well prepared for advanced mathematics. There is an in-depth study of trigonometry and a basic introduction to calculus. Topics covered in the course are; analytical geometry, polynomial and rational functions, the nature of graphs, vectors and parametric equations, polar coordinates and complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences and series, statistics and data analysis, limits, derivatives, antiderivatives, area under a curve, fundamental theorem of calculus. Application and critical thinking problems will be used throughout the course.
Prerequisite: Calculus ("B" or better) & Department approval.
Required exam. Approximate fee: $100.
This course will include the study of Functions, graphs, limits, derivatives, second derivatives, Integrals, Riemann sums, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, antidifferentiation, and series. The goal of the class is to prepare students for challenging university level math classes and the AP Calculus (AB) exam. A student purchased graphing calculator is required (approx $100).